Monticello WI

The Village of Monticello, WI Welcomes You!

  • Main Street
  • Lake Montesian
  • Bike Path
  • Veterans Memorial Park
  • Monticello in Green County
  • Montesian Gardens


  • PARTISAN PRIMARY – Tuesday, August 14, 2018. Polls open 7 am – 8 pm located at the Village Hall, 140 N Main Street.
  • POOL FUN DAY: Thursday, August 16, 2018 from 1-4 pm.
  • OFFICE CLOSED: August 27- 29, 2018. Refuse stickers can be purchased at the Recycling Center on Wednesday evenings from 4-7 pm or Saturdays from 8- noon.
  • CLICK HERE for pool information.
  • SEC. 8-1-7 REGULATION OF LENGTH OF LAWN AND GRASSES.  Public Nuisance Declared. The Village Board finds that lawns, grasses and noxious weeds on lots or parcels of land which exceed eight (8) inches in length adversely affect the public health and safety of the public in that they tend to emit pollen and other discomforting bits of plants, constitute a fire hazard and a safety hazard in that debris can be hidden in the grass, interferes with the public convenience and adversely affects property values of other land within the Village. For that reason, any lawn, grass or weed on a lot or other parcel of land which exceeds eight (8) inches in length is hereby declared to be a public nuisance, except for property located in a designated floodplain area and/or wetland area or where the lawn, grass or weed is part of a natural lawn approved pursuant to Section 8-1-6 above.
  • SEC 11-3-2(c) Dumping of Refuse and Grass in Gutters. No person shall deposit any refuse, leaves or grass clippings in any gutter along any public street, road, alley or highway.
  • FOCUS ON ENERGY is offering FREE refrigerator and freezer recycling and a $35 reward per appliance recycled (limit 2).  To qualify for the program, your units must be in working condition and must be 10 – 30 cubic feet in size (mini fridges are ineligible).  Schedule your FREE appliance pick up at or at 1-800-354-1898