Garbage & Recycling

E-Cycling, Tires, Appliances & Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Green County Clean Sweep & Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Green County Landfill
  • E-waste is now being accepted at the Monticello Recycling Center during all regular hours of operation.  This includes items like laptops, tablets, computer towers, monitors, projectors, cables and cords, printers, keyboards, cell phones, flat panel TVs, and radios.  There is no associated fee and this program is available at no cost to the Village.  Please notethe one exception is for CRT/tube TVs, for which there is a fee of $25.00 per item.
Spring & Fall Cleanup & Brush Pick up
Trash / Recycling Collection

Find refuse and recycling information:

Located behind the cheese factory on East Coates Ave.

Monticello, WI 53570

Recycling Center Hours:

Wednesday – 4pm – 7 pm

Saturday – 8am – 12pm

Residential Garbage Pickup is every Tuesday curbside. 

Bags must be out by 7am and placed in 30 gallon bags or less with a Village of Monticello Trash Sticker attached.

Monticello Trash Stickers are $2.50 and available at the Monticello Recycling Center or Monticello Village Hall. Gempeler’s Supermarket $2.75

    Yard Waste & Composting Sites

    Save mother nature and dispose of your yard waste. Yard Waste refers to all non-woody vegetation, including grass clippings, leaves, and other yard waste. Yard waste can be delivered to the compost site located at the recycling center during recycling center hours (Wednesday, 4 p.m. – 7 p.m. or Saturdays, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.) Please plan your home projects accordingly. After-hours drop off is prohibited and is subject to a fine. Diverting this material from the landfill is something our communities can be proud of. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have questions you may call the Village Hall at 938-4383.

    Leaf Collection

    Controlled burning of dry leaves and other non-offensive dry yard debris during the periods of April 1 through May 31, and October 1 through November 30 of each year, between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., except Sundays when such burning is prohibited, provided, however, that such burning is: a. Monitored by a responsible person until the fire has extinguished itself completely; b. Conducted on days when excessive wind or atmospheric conditions will not result in danger to public health or safety; c. Located off the public street pavement or street gutter; d. Located at least thirty (30) feet from any neighboring residence; e. Not used for covert incineration of offensive substances or materials


      • Mulch your leaves into your lawn by running your lawn mower over the leaves so that it chops them up and disperses them. The smaller leaf pieces will fall in between the blades of grass and decompose, releasing nutrients to feed your lawn.
      • Pile up the leaves and then chop them up with your lawn mower.  Then use the leaves for mulch around your shrubs, piling it 4 to 6 inches deep to help control grass and weeds.
      • Use the chopped leaves to cover perennials and roses after the ground freezes. This helps keep the ground from thawing and refreezing in early spring, which often damages perennials.
      • Use your chopped leaves for compost by stacking them in alternating layers with grass clippings, kitchen waste, and a little bit of soil. Spread finished compost in the spring around perennials and shrubs and in your annual flower and vegetable gardens.
      • If you don’t want a compost pile, till chopped leaves right into the soil of your flower and vegetable gardens now. It will start to break down and add valuable organic matter.


                Source: Diana Alfuth, horticulture educator, UW-Extension[/toggle]


    Leaves may also be taken to the compost site. If you have any questions about leaf collection, please call the Village Hall at (608) 938-4383.

    The Highland Cemetery Facilities

    The Highland Cemetery is located at the end of South Monroe Street and is owned and maintained by the Village of Monticello.
    Arrangements can be made through any funeral director. Questions regarding the purchase of cemetery lots can be directed to the Village Office at (608)938-4383.
    Operating Hours
    Operating hours are 8:00 a.m. and one-half (1/2) hour after the official sunset Sunday through Saturday.
    Lot and burial prices at Highland Cemetery
    Rates include Residents and Non-Residents

    • Cemetery Space: $650.00 (Includes Perpetual Care of $100.00 and site location)
    • Traditional Opening/Closing: $600.00
    • Cremains Opening/Closing: $175.00
    • Rate schedule effective: February 1, 2014
    Highland Cemetery Clean-Up Schedule
    All decorations, flowers, shepard hooks and urns must be removed from the cemetery during the clean-up period twice a year, during the periods of May 1st through May 15th and from October 1st through October 15th. Individuals wishing to retain specific items must remove them prior to the May 1st & October 1st start of clean-up.

    Snow & Ice on Sidewalks

    Sidewalks are to be kept free of snow and ice
    The property owner which fronts upon or abuts any sidewalk shall be responsible for keeping such sidewalk clear of all snow and ice. The sidewalk should be cleared within 24 hours from the time the snow ceases to accumulate on the sidewalk. Failure to remove snow from sidewalks may result in the village removing the snow at the owner’s expense and potential penalties.

    Ordinance 6-2-7 Snow & Ice Removal



    Rates & Info
    Utility Rates for Water are established by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.  The Sewer rate is established by the Village Board.  The water rates are posted on the back of your monthly utility bill.



    Sewer Rates  – Effective June 1, 2016

    Last rate increase was July 1, 2014.

    Fixed Monthly Charges per Residential Equivalent User (REU):  $38.50
    Volume Charges per thousand gallons: $8.50

    1 REU = 38,000 gallons/year (typical usage in Monticello)



    Water Rates – Effective April 1, 2016

    Fifteen years since last rate increase – March 2001.

    General Service – Metered Mg-1:

    Water Meter Size Monthly Customer Unit Charge
    5/8″ $11.25
    ¾” $11.25
    1″ $28.50
    1 ¼” $36.00
    1 ½” $63.00
    2″ $90.00
    3″ $156.00
    4″ $237.00


    Plus Volume Charge:
    First 13,000 used each month……$5.25 per 1,000 gallons
    Next 20,000 used each month……$3.65 per 1,000 gallons
    Next 66,000 used each month…..$2.80 per 1,000 gallons
    Over 99,000 used each month…. $1.95 per 1,000 gallons



    Public Fire Protection Service – Fd-1 – Effective April 1, 2016

    This service shall include the use of hydrants for fire- protection service only and such quantities of water as may be demanded for the purpose of extinguishing fire within the service area. This service shall also include water used for testing equipment and training personnel. For all other purposes, the metered or other rates set forth, or as may be filed with the Public Service Commission shall apply.[/twocol_one] 

    Meter Size Monthly Public Fire Protection Service Charges
    5/8″ $6.75
    ¾” $6.75
    1″ $15.00
    1 ¼” $24.00
    1 ½” $30.00
    2″ $48.00
    3″ $84.00
    4″ $135.00



    Reconnection Charges – R-1:  Effective March 20, 2001

      During Normal Business Hours After Normal Business Hours
    Reinstallation of meter, including valving at curb stop $30.00 $45.00
    Valve turned on at curb stop $30.00 $45.00


    *Note: No charge for disconnection If you have any questions related to Water Rates please call Village Hall at (608)938-4383


    (IoH) and (CMV) PERMITTING


    For all information regarding IoH and Ag-CMV permitting, please visit: Wisconsin Department of Transportation Agricultural Equipment and Vehicles page

    If you are applying for an IoH of Ag-CMV permit to operate within Green County, please follow the permit process steps below:

    IoH or Ag CMV Permit Process

    Once the applicant determines that they may be operating equipment over the gross vehicle weight, single axle weight, axle grouping weight, or length limits of ACT 377

    1. Determine the route to apply for with assistance from county mapping: Interactive Act 377 Road Classification Mapping Application Static Act 377 Road Classifications Map
    2. Monticello Street Map: IoH Monticello Street Map

    Using any web browser:

    A. Download the IoH or Ag-CMV no fee permit application from the Green County website:

    No Fee Permit Application for Implements of Husbandry (IoH) – Local Government (MV2582)

    No Fee Permit Application for Agricultural Commercial Vehicels (Ag-CMV) – Local Government (MV2583)

    B. Using Microsoft Word, open the “Blank” permit application document

    C. Complete the permit application, re-name it for your own identification and save it to your computer

    D. Attach the completed form to an email request and send to each local road Maintaining Authority

    Local Road Maintaining Authorities Contact Information    Village of Monticello:  Brian Grossen

       2. The Maintaining Authority receives permit application  and responds by email or letter to the applicant within 21 days, usually within 7 days.

    The Permit May Be –

    A. Approved as applied for: Applicant is notified by email or letter and a copy of the permit must be made available in the permitted vehicle.

    B. Amended:

    i. Weights Amended – By reducing the gross weight, specific axle weights, or axle grouping weight that was requested

    ii. Routes Amended – Overweight limits may be allowed on some roads, but not on other roads

    iii. Other Amendments – Restricted trips per day, restricted weeks of operation, restricted time of day

    C. Denied: Application is denied and reason why is given.  Applicant must comply with existing postings or comply with IoH weight limits.

    Permit Operating Conditions