Having Difficulties Paying Your Bill?

Bills are considered delinquent if not received before the 20th of that billing month. Delinquent bill notices are mailed after the 20th due date. If payment has not been received or arrangements made for the utility bill, a disconnection notice for non-payment will be mailed. This notice explains that discontinuation of the water service will occur on a specific day ten days after notification, if no payment or payment arrangements have been received. If no contact has been received from the customer, the utility will place a 24-hour shut off notice on the door giving further notification of the scheduled service disconnection.

If you are unable to pay the bill in full, you may elect to enter into a deferred payment agreement. This agreement allows you to make partial payments as set forth in a prearranged payment schedule. You must come to the utility business office to obtain and complete the necessary form prior to disconnection. Deferred payment agreements save you money, as no monthly interest is computed on deferred plans and allows the customer the opportunity to make smaller scheduled payments within agreed upon time period. The customer must make payment based upon their deferred agreement, or service disconnection may occur.

Notices for delinquent bills being placed on tax roll

Annually, on October 15th, the Utility gives notice to property owners of any unpaid water & sewer utility bill outstanding prior to October 1st. The notice includes the amount of the arrears, including statement of a 10% penalty that will be assessed unless paid by November 15th. On November 16th, any delinquent bills will be turned over to the County Clerk to be placed as a lien upon the parcel of land which the water service was furnished.

If we disconnect your service, we will charge a reconnect fee that must be paid prior to reconnection and we cannot guarantee same-day reconnection.

A Budget Payment Plan is available for residential customers; contact our office for more information.