Implements of Husbandry (IoH)


For all information regarding IoH and Ag-CMV permitting, please visit: Wisconsin Department of Transportation Agricultural Equipment and Vehicles page

If you are applying for an IoH of Ag-CMV permit to operate within Green County, please follow the permit process steps below:

IoH or Ag CMV Permit Process

Once the applicant determines that they may be operating equipment over the gross vehicle weight, single axle weight, axle grouping weight, or length limits of ACT 377

  1. Determine the route to apply for with assistance from county mapping: Interactive Act 377 Road Classification Mapping Application Static Act 377 Road Classifications Map
  2. Monticello Street Map: IoH Monticello Street Map

Using any web browser:

A. Download the IoH or Ag-CMV no fee permit application from the Green County website:

No Fee Permit Application for Implements of Husbandry (IoH) – Local Government (MV2582)

No Fee Permit Application for Agricultural Commercial Vehicels (Ag-CMV) – Local Government (MV2583)

B. Using Microsoft Word, open the “Blank” permit application document

C. Complete the permit application, re-name it for your own identification and save it to your computer

D. Attach the completed form to an email request and send to each local road Maintaining Authority

Local Road Maintaining Authorities Contact Information    Village of Monticello:  Brian Grossen

   2. The Maintaining Authority receives permit application  and responds by email or letter to the applicant within 21 days, usually within 7 days.

The Permit May Be –

A. Approved as applied for: Applicant is notified by email or letter and a copy of the permit must be made available in the permitted vehicle.

B. Amended:

i. Weights Amended – By reducing the gross weight, specific axle weights, or axle grouping weight that was requested

ii. Routes Amended – Overweight limits may be allowed on some roads, but not on other roads

iii. Other Amendments – Restricted trips per day, restricted weeks of operation, restricted time of day

C. Denied: Application is denied and reason why is given.  Applicant must comply with existing postings or comply with IoH weight limits.

Permit Operating Conditions