Property Taxes

Property tax bills are mailed to property owners’ mid December.  The Village Clerk’s Office can assist you with any questions or concerns regarding your property tax bill or payment. The property taxes are collected by the Green County Treasurer’s Office for both installments (1st installment due January 31st and 2nd installment due July 31st).  Receipts will be returned by mail only if a stamped self-addressed envelope is included with your payment.


Property Taxes Online Payment Please make checks payable to: GREEN COUNTY TREASURER at
1016 16th Avenue
Monroe WI 53566
Phone: 608-328-9435
Credit card or e-check payments are also accepted by Green County at a nominal fee.  Click here.
Banks that are accepting payments for Monticello taxes:

  • Greenwoods State Bank in Monticello
  • Union Bank & Trust Co in New Glarus
  • The Bank of New Glarus in New Glarus
  • Sugar River Bank in Brodhead, Belleville, Monroe and Juda
  • Monona Bank in Belleville & Brooklyn
  • Associated Bank in Monroe

Please check directly with bank for business hours.

PropertySearch Property TaxesTax amounts and payments of taxes can be viewed online through Green County’s website. Amounts will be updated in real time as payments are posted. Click below: Type in Village of Monticello for Municipality and type in either your parcel number, street address or name to get your information. Click on your parcel and then just click on the TAXES tab and scroll down to see your tax information.

First Dollar Credit

The First Dollar Credit is a property tax credit provided taxpayers under 2007 Wisconsin Act 20. The credit is calculated using the Equalized Value School Tax Rate and has a Maximum Credit Value, similar to the Lottery Credit. The credit is allowed on all real estate parcels that contain an improvement and one taxpayer may receive more than one First Dollar Credit. The credit is reflected on the line above the Lottery Tax Credit on your property tax bill and is divided equally between the two installments. If you do not see the Credit reflected on your tax bill and believe you are eligible, please contact either the Village Clerk or County Treasurer’s Office.

Lottery Tax Credit

To qualify for a Lottery Tax Credit you must own a home in Wisconsin AND occupy that home as your primary residence on January 1 of the year in which the tax is levied. If the credit was not applied and you feel you are entitled, please contact either the Village Clerk or County Treasurer’s Office.

More information on these credits can be found at Wisconsin Department of Revenue and type the name of the credit in the search engine.

Personal Property Taxes

Personal property taxes are taxes on non-real estate business property. All personal property tax payments are made to Green County Treasurer. Personal property taxes are due in full by January 31. Late fees of 1.5% per month will be assessed on all personal property taxes paid after January 31 and paid to the Village of Monticello.

Overpayments & Refunds

If you have an escrow check that is written for more than your taxes, a refund check will be issued right away at the Green County Treasurers office or at the bank. If you made an overpayment by personal check, a refund check will be issued in ten business days.